The Wheel

The weels are used for converting the energy of the fluid to work. The fluid which hits the impeller paddle rotates the impeller and transfers it as kinetic energy to the turbine shaft that it is connected. This means 90%  of the potential energy which comes from the flowing water that is lost through the turbine can be converted. The turbine types vary depending on the flow and the case of the project. The decision is made by calculating the thype of turbine that works the most efficiently according to the flow rate and the waste value.

Accordingly, the Pelton turbines become able to operate efficiently in high flow rates while the efficiency of Francis depends on low flow rates. Kaplan turbines can operate efficiently both in low and high flow rates. The turbines of the Turgo type, which was designed, patented and built by our partner Gilbert Gilked&Gordon Ltd., show the principle of operation between Pelton and Francis models. Although it appears to be less productive than both types, the long-term yield is actually higher.

As Marbeyaz Makina A.S., we can manufacture the Pelton, Turgo, Francis and Tiger turbines with the highest quality which is guaranteed by our partnerships and years of expertise.


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