Compact Hydro

Compact Hydro Electric Power Plants are known as economical and environmental friendly mini hydropower plants that can produce an output of up to 1 MW. The main benefit of HEPPs for customers is the short payback period even with the lowest electricity generation. The mini/compact HEPPs can be connected to the national power grids by using the power transmission lines in order to meet the energy needs of a city, a residential area or a large factory locally. An output of 1 MW is quite sufficient for covering the energy requirements of 200 households with a population of 1,000 people.

Marbeyaz offers a complete pre-assembly and installation service as a package. The system which is prepared as a tank that includes the mechanics and electricity offers the option of starting to operate within a few hours after its delivery. Cabin options are completely up to the wishes of our partners. Regarding the offered solutions with cabins which can easily experience an increase in performance, the compact HEPPs are ideal for gradual investments.

Our country Turkey and the entire world is actually very rich in terms of the availability of compact HEPPs. The system is mainly designed for being used in drinking water pipes instead of pressure breakers. And by doing this, the system provides the opportunity of decreasing the waste of national assets which means a profit for the governments. Furthermore, the system is designed in a way that will not require cutting any trees, and that’s why, the compact HEPPs are also known as ecologically friendly systems.


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