About Us

The business history of the Köse family began with their milling business in Trabzon on 1945. It continued with the establishments of wood processing facility and furniture atelier. In 1980s, the second generation of Köse family entered the construction industry, started working with Turkish government and enlargened the family business´ range of services to Turkey.

With its up to date technology and creative solutions as its main principles, Marbeyaz A.S.´s main goal is  to contribute to Turkish and global economy. In order to achieve this goal, Marbeyaz aims at increasing the domestic production with its partners hence reducing the country´s external dependence.


Leading the changes and developments in the sector

To maximize the market share and competitiveness of our business,

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level,

Adopting the concept of quality improvement in all production, service and management processes,

Advancing our global trade location with the awareness of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), which describes sustainable development


Being an exemplary organization with its business expertise as a requirement by its responsibility for its clients, profession, and society.

To keep up-to-date contemporary production standards in our facilities

Not losing the consistency of production and of service,

To carry out educational exercises for quality enhancement of operation.

To deliver fast, competitive activities that meet our customers’ expectations through dynamic  teamwork,

To represent the community without considering the aim area as a fixed region,

In our behaviors to our employees, partners, and customers; adopting the principles of mutual respect, dignity and integrity,


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