Aybige HEPP

The Aybige HEPP was developed by a Turkish private joint venture to generate power under the Turkish government FIT system. All power is exported to the Turkish national grid. The project is located in the northern black sea region of Turkey, near the town of Kastamonu. The site is situated in a steep sided valley at an altitude of 730 m.a.s.l., which provided a number of challenges during the construction and installation period due to heavy snowfall.

The customer chose to supply the generator and the balance of electrical plant themselves working in close cooperation with Gilkes’ Engineering team in the UK who ensured that all turbine-generator interfaces were correct.

Gilkes provided a detailed control philosophy identifying all equipment devices and instrumentation along with a commissioning procedure that allowed the customers electrical contractor to design their PLC control system correctly. Gilkes’ commissioning engineers worked closely with the control system supplier to develop the control philosophy and PLC programme during final start-up and testing at the project site and took the lead in getting the plant online.

The contract for the supply of the M&E equipment was awarded to Gilkes Elektromekanik San. Ve Tic. A.S., a joint venture company between Gilkes in the UK and Marbeyaz Makina Sanayi A.S. in Turkey.


Power: 6.54 MW

Net Head: 199.6 m

Flow: 3.706 m3/s

Turbine type: Vertical 6 Jet Pelton


Gilkes vertical 6 jet Pelton turbine model 1100PZ115 6J

Penstock connection pipe

Turbine main inlet valve (MIV)

MIV automatic pressure equalising bypass

Generator bearing cooling water system

 Hydraulic Pressure Unit (HPU) for turbine, MIV, MIV bypass and generator brake

Delivery to the project site Supervision of installation, commissioning and testing


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